Serve in the Sunday Service

St. Barnabas offers many opportunities to get involved on a Sunday morning.  We welcome all interested parties, and encourage you to connect with the key contacts if you’d like to become involved in our Sunday worship teams.

Greeters and Ushers
The Greeters and Ushers at St. Barnabas are the first people who you see when you walk in to our sanctuary. They are there to welcome all attendees, provide nametags, hand out bulletins, and answer questions. Additionally, members of this team participate in the service by bringing the elements up to the altar, and passing the Offertory plates. They also provide guidance during Communion in guiding people to the communion rail. For more information or to volunteer, click here to email the Church Office.

Each Sunday, the Lessons and Prayers of the People are read by parishioners. We enjoy hearing the lessons in a variety of voices each Sunday. The Prayers of the People, including prayers listed in our Bidding book, are also read by parishioners.
For more information or to volunteer, click here to email the Church Office.

LEM (Lay Eucharistic Minster)
Each Sunday, our Celebrant is assisted by members of the LEM Team. These trained individuals serve on the Altar, and assist in preparing Communion, and sharing the Eucharist with all in attendance. This opportunity does require some training, but is very fulfilling. We are always looking to expand our LEM team. For more information or to volunteer, click here to email the Church Office.

Acolytes (Servers and Torch Bearers)
This opportunity, designed for children, youth and young adults, is a fantastic way to learn more about our Sunday Services. Acolytes begin as young as age 6, and start by becoming Torch Bearers. A Torch Bearer, along with the Server, leads the procession and recession at church. They are responsible for carefully carrying torches, and placing them in their holders. They are then released to Sunday School, and join us at the Peace for the second half of the service. Servers are 6th grade and up, and carry in our brass cross, leading the procession and recession. They stay in church the entire service and are a key part of our worship. The Server assists during the Gospel, preparing Communion, and other elements. This is a very rewarding activity for our young people. For more information or to volunteer, click here to email the Church Office.

Join the Choir
The Chancel Choir, led by Janice Johnson, is a group of dedicated singers, who leads our 10AM congregation in music. The Choir meets each Wednesday at 7:15pm to prepare for the services, and then is part of our service each Sunday. The Choir leads the procession into the church, sits at the front, and leads us in all hymns, as well as singing an Offertory Anthem. At the conclusion of each service, they lead the recession out of the Church. This great group of singers is a treasured part of our 10AM Services. For more information or to volunteer, click here to email the Church Office.

Sunday School
Sunday School at St. Barnabas is organized by volunteers. Each Sunday the service is broken into 3 sections for the children. The first 20 minutes is the “Lesson” and focuses on lesson that is shared in regular service. This session is led by 1 – 2 volunteers. The second session is led by a second set of 1 – 2 volunteers, and is activity based. These volunteers lead crafts, or activities designed to support the lesson shared in the first half of the session, or to support our children’s walk and christian life. After these blocks of time, the children join their families for the second half of our service, and participate in Communion, and our closing activities. For more information on our Sunday School program, our commitment to keeping all children at St. Barnabas safe, or  to learn more about being a teacher, please click here.

Fellowship Hosts
Following each service is what some call the “Third Sacrament”. We call it “Coffee Hour” or “Fellowship Hour”. Each Sunday, we invite all in attendance to join us in “McHugh Hall”, or the Parish Hall to enjoy light snacks and beverages following each of our services. This joyful time is an opportunity to meet & greet new members, chat with old friends, and enjoy each others company after worshiping together. We have a lovely clean playground and large open areas for our children to run and play. Kids of all ages enjoy our outside spaces, and a couple of dogs, as well! For more information or to volunteer, click here to email the Church Office.

Altar Guild
Each Sunday a small group of dedicated members work to prepare the Church and the Altar for Worship. The Altar Guild is responsible for setting up the Altar for services, arranging the flowers, polishing the brass and silver, caring for the vestments, and much more. The Altar Guild also is responsible for decorating for all occasions including; Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and more! We are always looking for new members of our small team.