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2018 St. Barnabas Day and Service Sunday

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This year for our feast day celebration on Sunday, June 10th, we did things a little differently at St. Barnabas, Arroyo Grande.  Following the model that was shared with us at our last diocesan convention by St. Jude’s, Cupertino, we turned our Sunday worship time into an opportunity to participate in service projects.  From 10am to 3pm we organized eight projects, both on and off our campus, in which more than one hundred people served.  We served food at People’s Kitchen, our local daily lunch program for the homeless and others who need a nutritious meal.  We rejuvenated our play ground and picnic area to better meet the needs of our families.  And, in shifts we cleaned the carpets in our worship space.  These three projects, and five others, were followed by an outdoor Eucharist and BBQ.  It is often said that “singing is praying twice” and we think it can also be said that “serving as the hands and feet of Jesus is worshipping twice.”  We are very blessed here in Arroyo Grande, and we are glad to be able to share that with others.