Trial Use of Creation Care Language in the Baptismal Covenant

Committee: 13 – Committee to Receive the Report of Resolution A169

Summary: Authorizes a sixth baptismal vow to “cherish the wondrous works of God, and protect and restore the beauty and integrity of all creation,” as well as an option to expand the fifth baptismal vow of justice and peace to include the dignity of the earth in one vow instead of a new sixth vow. Proposed by Advisory Council on the Stewardship of Creation.

While this resolution for a sixth baptismal vow did not pass, the much higher profile Resolution A068, i.e. prayer book revision, did direct bishops to “engage worshiping communities in experimentation and the creation of alternative texts to offer to the wider church.” A Facebook discussion of the final status of this resolution can be found here.

Final Status: Not adopted.

Resolution on Virtual Binder.

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