Environmental Resolutions from the 79th General Convention, 2018

All the environment or climate change resolutions considered at General Convention are listed below. Each resolution page includes a summary of the resolution, the legislative committee that “perfected” the resolution, and a link to the resolution on the Virtual Binder.

A008Continuing the Advisory Council on the Stewardship
of Creation
A009Creating Greening Loans
A010The Planting of “Paris Groves”
A011Oppose Environmental Racism
A012On the Importance of Ecumenical and Interfaith
Relationships for the Stewardship of Creation
Facilitating the Development of the Church’s Ministry
of the Care of Creation
A014The Use of Carbon Offsets
A016Trial Use of Creation Care Language in the Baptismal
A017Creation Liturgies in Prayer Book Revision
A018Episcopalians Participating in Paris Climate Agreement
A019Create a Task Force to Study and Report on the 
Intersection of Evangelism, Church Planting and
Care of Creation
A020Fossil Fuel Development
B025Water as a Human Right
B027Gender Inclusivity in Climate Change Action
C008Advocacy for Creation Care
C020Carbon Tax
C021Climate Change and additional support for EC 
Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility
C030Proposed Baptismal Covenant Language
C039Amend the Parochial Report
C042Climate Change: Corporate Governance
C049Support Producers of Locally Grown Food
C063Advocate for Ocean Health
C064Support of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe in Opposing
Enbridge Line #3
D007Disaster Resilience Policy
D008Practicing Responsible Investing
D053Stewardship of Creation with Church-Owned Land
D068Criteria and Procedures for Deciding to Engage with
or Establish a No Buy List of Companies
D081Helping Communities Affected by Change in Energy Use
X023HB Report #8: Solidarity with the Gwich’in People