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We are about to embark on a series of service opportunities, and I wanted you to know about them. You will have the opportunity to learn more about them in the coming weeks and months, but I am also going to create a separate list of folks who are participating so we’re not flooding the rest of your inboxes with unnecessary information.
Therefore, if you are interested in serving in some capacity as is being outlined here, I need to hear back from you. Just a simple reply saying “add me to the list” so that I can create a separate list for those engaged in this work.
The main project the group would like to undertake at this time is a free, weekly meal. We discussed the fact that there are a number of college and college-age students who are hungry in this area who could benefit from this. The plan is to host it at The Shire on Thursday evenings, utilizing produce from the organic farm in Los Osos, located across from St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church on LOVR. The produce is available for “free” through volunteering at the farm, so that’s how it works.
Help will be needed for service at the farm, in the kitchen for preparation of the meal, and of course being present at The Shire to host, serve, and clean up afterward. Since everyone will not be available every week, I’m thinking a core group of at least 8-10 is what we’ll need to get started. There is also an important environmental justice component to this, as we are facing a major drought and looking for sustainable ways to live and eat.
Additionally, this coming Wed. at the Shire we will hear from folks at Restorative Partners who will be presenting service opportunities at the jail as volunteers, in their garden program, and with Juvenile Hall.
And, as previously mentioned last month, help is needed at the Monastery of the Risen Christ in their gardens, and building a labyrinth, which should be an exciting project.
So, again, if you would like more information and to be kept in the loop regarding these service opportunities for young adults, please reply and let me know.

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