A note from the Rev Robert Keim

To the community of God at St. Barnabas,

Change is afoot — for you and for us. And this change is good. We all have been on a journey over the last many months and years, and that journey is converging. I feel very blessed by God to have been called to be your next Rector, and I am humbled by the mission that is being set before us by the Holy Spirit. How are we being called to be the hands and feet of Christ in Arroyo Grande and the Five Cities? How can we continue to move into closer relationship with God, with others and with ourselves? What can we do to put our spirituality into action?

I have to admit a sense of anticipation at becoming part of the beauty that you already have at St. Barnabas. Jeff and I have felt warmly welcomed, and during the search and interview process we had quite a bit of fun. It was good to get to know the folks on the Search Committee and Vestry, and we look forward to getting to know you further.

June is going to be busy for us. My last day at St. Thomas is Wednesday, June 3rd. The family starts flying in the next week, and my daughter graduates from Cal Poly on June 13th. The next day, I leave for an eight day priest training session in northern Florida. The day after I return to California, Jeff leaves for General Convention in Salt Lake City. He is helping to lead our diocesan delegation, and he is serving on the Episcopal Church’s committee on marriage that will update our language, liturgy, and rules so that we are consistent with the relationships that we have already been witnessing and blessings over the past few years. June is going to be a blur… and soon it will be July 1st.

You are in my prayers, and I would ask that you would pray for us also. Pray that we find the “right” place to live. Pray that all of the logistics go well in June. Pray that my daughter be blessed on the next stage of her life. Pray that we have safe travels. Pray that the Holy Spirit equip us for the next adventure that is being set before us.

Blessings on your week, and I look forward to our journey together. God is good to us.

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