Senior Luncheon is Monday March 30!!

Doors open at 11:30
Luncheon Served at 12 o’clock Noon

This month, March, we will be serving
Sliced ham, Potatoes, Green Salad and Rosemary’s famous Cupcakes
(As usual, there will also be a non-meat dish}
St. Barnabas Church welcomes all seniors, caretakers and guests to the Senior Luncheons on the last Monday of every month in McHugh Parish Hall. We are in our fifth year enjoying the fun and fellowship of this Senior Ministry. Have you attended a Senior Luncheon? If not, you have a personal invitation to come enjoy the delights of a luncheon specially prepared for you by the St. Barnabas Church Senior Luncheon Team!
See you there – Monday March 30. Come early to meet and greet!
Your Senior Luncheon Team: Rosemary Cleaves, Karen Reinecke,
Marilyn Cockshott, Kathy and Jeremy Bond, Meigs Ingham

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